Why do you need chlorine in your swimming pool?

Many of us are familiar with the peculiar but addictive chlorine smell that can, until we’ve thoroughly showered, remain on us long after a lengthy session in a swimming pool. It’s a clear sign that the water in the pool isn’t the same as that which we put in our bathtubs.

However, have you ever stopped to wonder why chlorine is so essential in a swimming pool?

Chlorine is vital in ensuring hygiene

Explained simply, chlorine is put into a swimming pool to keep it hygienic for people who swim in it. Upon being added to water, chlorine separates into two bacteria-killing chemicals; one kills bacteria nearly instantly, while the other remains in the water before killing bacteria that new bathers bring in. This is vital as with a swimming pool used several times by several people during the day, draining and refilling the pool for each new bather is not always practical or desirable.

As a result, there is a need for the pool water to remain clean as the day continues. After all, you might decide to swim in that water for an hour in the morning, leave for a poolside drink and then return to the pool. You could invite family and friends to use the pool, too – all within the same day. Chlorine can help to ensure that pool water remains safe to enjoy.

Tips for keeping safe from chlorine dangers

Nonetheless, you should make sure that you put a suitable amount of chlorine into the water. The right amount should leave the chlorine at the recommended pH level of 7.4, which will match the acidity of your tears. Should the pool’s chlorine level become excessive, bathers can suffer from red eyes, skin irritations and sore throats.

Also, anyone about to enter chlorinated water should first shower and take off all make-up, hair products, body lotion and sun cream. Otherwise, compounds in these products could react with chlorine and create an irritant.

We urge you to keep these tips in mind as you buy pool sanitizers online from our selection here at Pool Warehouse. Our range includes chlorine tablets and granules, plus chlorine reducer for quickly lowering chlorine levels as necessary.






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