Why choose a solar cover that uses GeoBubble technology?

A solar cover can be well worth the financial outlay when you need to keep your swimming pool warm during the winter. However, swimming pool covers are not all provided in the same standardised form, so it pays to be choosy.

Here at Pool Warehouse, our stock of solar covers includes some that incorporate GeoBubble technology, which certainly warrants your consideration.

What is GeoBubble technology?

The innovative GeoBubble material comes in a bubble shape scientifically designed to boost the swimming pool cover material’s lifespan by as much as 25%.

However, in this respect, GeoBubble solar covers should not be confused with covers that use a more traditional bubble material. Such covers have weak and thin points that can be quickly damaged by Ultra Violet (UV) rays and chemical attack.

As swimming pool covers are usually exposed to significant levels of UV radiation and chemical attack, GeoBubble solar covers are made specifically to withstand both.

The GeoBubble material’s redeeming features include an absence of sharp corners capable of leading to thin or weak points, while the smooth interconnected curves mean no stress points. The material is also 50% thicker than conventional bubble material.

Practical benefits of using GeoBubble solar covers

The advantages of GeoBubble solar covers include less need for regular expenditure on new covers, thereby saving you both money and time.

Furthermore, routine use of GeoBubble covers can reduce your pool’s carbon footprint; their much larger surface area in comparison to that of most conventional bubble covers can insulate and keep heat in the water to a greater extent than many other covers.

Years of development have gone into GeoBubble

Research and development for GeoBubble’s unique design took place over five years, with input from the University of Brighton and London Metropolitan University.

Dr Mathew Philip of London Metropolitan University’s The Polymer Centre has commented that GeoBubble’s design “has been engineered to give increased stiffness to the form and increased life for the product. This has been done after careful analysis of the shape, material and manufacturing process.”

Here at Pool Warehouse, we offer GeoBubble solar covers in Platinum+, SolGuard and EnergyGuard varieties, making it easy for you to take advantage of these two universities’ expertise when you wish to maintain your swimming pool’s heat in cold conditions.



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