You’ve got all of the options for a great solar pool cover and accessories from us

We’ve written previously about all of the great reasons to purchase a solar pool cover – including the effect that it has on preserving the temperature of your water while also minimising your energy costs. But why should you buy one specifically from Pool Warehouse?

The answer to that one’s easy – there are simply few other companies that can offer such an impressive range of not only the finest and best-priced solar pool covers of both standard-sized and bespoke natures, but also acclaimed solar pool cover accessories encompassing the likes of DIY tow kits, DIY tail kits, deluxe strap sets and so much more.

First, about those pool covers…

 You really couldn’t expect any other online store to offer such an exceptional choice of solar pool covers as that we can offer here at Pool Warehouse. We offer standard-sized pool covers, for example, in rectangular, rectangular and Roman end and round sizes to suit pools in these shapes.

There are many materials from which you can choose too, including Platinum+ 500 GeoBubble, SolGuard 500 GeoBubble, EnergyGuard 500 GeoBubble and Platinum+ 500, Silverblue 400 and Blue 400 – the latter all standard bubble variants.

However, in recognition of the almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes in which swimming pools come, we also take great pride in our bespoke or ‘made to measure’ service, which gives you a quick and convenient means of ordering the exact solar cover you require.

Our solar pool cover accessories enable you to make the most of your investment

Last but by no means least, we also have plenty of fine solar pool cover accessories in our stock.

You might be in need of a DIY towing kit or tail kit, for example, which are both available from our online store at the time of typing and come with press fix connectors. You can also order press fix connectors separately from us for the connection of straps, tow kits and edging to solar covers.

We could go on and on, but we’re sure that by now, you have gained a sense of the sheer depth and breadth of our selection of products relating to all things solar covers here at Pool Warehouse.

Plus, as we are also the only manufacturers of solar covers in the UK to sell to the public, you can have the utmost confidence in the competitiveness of our prices – so why hesitate to buy today?




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