5 popular pool cleaning products that you shouldn’t ignore

If you have spent any time browsing our site or even ordered from us before, you’ll know just how committed we are here at Pool Warehouse to providing the products that will help to keep your pool looking dazzling.

Here are just five of the pool cleaning products that we stock, of which you should really take note

  1. Shock chlorine

We talk a lot about shock chlorine here at Pool Warehouse, for the simple reason that you’ll need it if you are to kill off any algae already in your pool.

Don’t make the common mistake of presuming that an algaecide will do the job, as this exists for the sole purpose of preventing the formation of new algae.

  1. Alkalinity increaser

Maintaining the most appropriate water balance in your pool is of immense importance, and it may be that you need to use an alkalinity increaser from time to time, to help ensure there are no risks to your health as a result of swimming in pool water.

Pool Warehouse stocks alkalinity increaser – also known as sodium bicarbonate – for precisely this purpose.

  1. Stain and scale inhibitor

Staining and scale in your pool can be one of the banes of your life, so it may seem like a natural choice for you to invest in a dedicated stain and scale inhibitor to restrict the development of both.

This sequestering agent helps to prevent the precipitation of pre-dissolved minerals, as can otherwise cause staining in your pool.

  1. Stain remover

It’s one thing to do what you can to ward off the development of staining, but what about the stains that your pool’s interior has already sustained? Well, that’s where the right multi stain remover can be invaluable.

The Multi Stain Remover that we presently stock here at Pool Warehouse is economical to use and highly effective at eliminating a wide range of stains, including iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and tannin.

  1. Clarifier

The use of a clarifier is a key stage of the treatment for clearing a cloudy pool. It collects the small particles that aren’t caught by the filter, resulting in the formation of bigger particles that the filter does catch.

Again, we are delighted here at Pool Warehouse to be able to offer the clarifier that will help to give you a truly sparkling swimming pool once more.

Could one or more of these pool cleaning products make all of the difference to your own family’s enjoyment of your pool? If so, purchase the most suitable products here at Pool Warehouse now to take advantage of our high level of technical expertise, big savings and ability to deliver quickly to your home.

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