Make sure you get the balance right with your swimming pool pH level

As with so many other aspects of life, striking the right balance with the condition of the water in your swimming pool is vital.

In this blog post, we are thinking in particular about the water pH level that makes such a great difference to the quality of your pool water and your experience of swimming in it, and the remedies that we would advise you to carry out as leading swimming pool chemical suppliers.

A brief explanation of all things pH

The pH level of your water is a measure of its relative acidity or alkalinity, on a scale from 0 (strong acid) to 14 (strong alkaline). The mid-range – 7 – is what is regarded as ‘pH neutral’.

However, a slightly alkaline level of between 7.2 and 7.6 is recommended for swimming pools, given that it is this range that provides the utmost comfort to the human eye while also ensuring the optimum use of free chlorine. It also guards against the water being overly corrosive or scale forming.

What counts as ‘too low’ or ‘too high’?

Your swimming pool’s pH level can be regarded as ‘too low’ if it slips below 7, at which point, you are likely to find the water irritating to your skin and eyes. An overly low pool pH level can also lead to problems with corrosion, including of the heating element and other metal fittings.

Eye and skin irritation can also occur if the pH level of your pool water creeps above 8, with other common symptoms including cloudy water, an overworked and possibly choked filter, scale formation and the discolouration of the walls of your pool.

Buy the right chemicals from us to control your pool pH level

As you might expect given our status as one of the UK’s leading swimming pool chemical suppliers, here at Pool Warehouse, we stock a broad assortment of chemicals that will help you to ensure your swimming pool remains nothing less than an absolute pleasure in which to swim.

Whether you are specifically on the lookout for well-priced, high-quality products for keeping your water pH level well-balanced or any of the complete range of other effective swimming pool chemicals, Pool Warehouse really can be your go-to online store.




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