We have great deals on the various key forms of swimming pool chlorine

Chlorine is a vital chemical for keeping a swimming pool as safe and pleasant as it should always be. It should be no great surprise, then, that swimming pool chlorine is among our strongest sellers here at Pool Warehouse. 

Not all swimming pool chlorine is the same, however. The reality is that this crucial disinfectant is available in many different forms to cater to different needs. 

So, what are some of the options we make available to you when you browse the Pool Warehouse online store?  

Multi Function Chlorine Tablets 

We’ve written previously on the differences between swimming pool chlorine tablets and granules – and if it’s tablets you’re after, you can hardly beat these easy-to-handle tablets that truly live up to their ‘multi-function’ billing. 

That’s because these 200g tablets contain not only chlorine, but also algaecide, flocculant and stabiliser, to save you having to put quite so many individual treatments on your shopping list. For bulk-buy savings, check out the four-pack we also offer for these 5kg buckets. 

Multi Function Chlorine Granules 

And of course, as we’ve mentioned the multi-function tablets, we have to mention the equivalent granules! These chlorine granules contain algaecide and flocculant, act quickly, and are ideal for daily dosing. Again, they come in a 5kg bucket, and an excellent-value four-pack is available

Chlorine Shock 

Whether you know it as chlorine shock or shock chlorine, we hope you do know about it, given the imperative role it plays in ‘rescuing’ your pool water when it becomes cloudy. 

As with the rest of our swimming pool chlorine here at Pool Warehouse, our Chlorine Shock is often heavily discounted on the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). You’ll be thankful for having this chlorine treatment available when algae are present in your pool, or even simply if the chlorine levels in your pool are low, and the situation therefore requires urgent correction.  

Chlorine Reducer 

Sometimes, you’ll have the problem of too little chlorine in your pool… but on other occasions, you might overdose your pool with chlorine. If that does occur, adding this sodium thiosulphate product to the water will help to quickly reduce the chlorine level. 

Multi Function Floating Doser 

The idea of this doser is to provide a means of gradually releasing chlorine, chlorine stabiliser, clarifier and algaecide into pool water. As you can imagine, it therefore helps take some of the stress out of the task of keeping your pool looking beautifully clear, especially during times when you might not be near the pool to manually treat it, such as when you’re away on holiday. 

It is a 1kg floating doser, with a single dose treating pools of up to 5,500 gallons for as long as an entire month. However, even when this doser is in place, you should still be using granular chlorine occasionally to support the effective maintenance of your pool. 

As you can see from the above, we take seriously the task of bringing you the swimming pool chlorine that is best-matched to your particular needs. And with so much of this chlorine in stock right now, you can also count on it arriving with you quickly, so that you can get on with making the most of your summer in the pool. 

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