It’s never too early in the year to order your new winter pool cover from us!

You might do a double-take at us addressing this particular subject on our blog at a time when many of us are still only just getting into the summer swimming season – but there’s an important reason for us doing so. That’s partly because we want to draw attention to the fact that now is an excellent time for our customers to order winter pool covers, when demand for them is not at peak levels. 

Another reason for us talking about winter debris covers right now, is naturally the high quality we offer you when it comes to such covers. Whether you require a standard-sized or made-to-measure winter cover for your swimming pool, you can count on us providing you with an industry-leading Plastica cover, manufactured using a green/black heavy-duty polypropylene mesh. 

How do our winter pool covers work? 

Winter pool covers, of course, have a somewhat different purpose to the solar cover you are likely to be using on your pool at those moments you aren’t using it during the current hot and sunny weather. A winter cover is the kind that you place on your pool when the time comes to ‘put it to bed’ for the colder and rainier winter months. 

The barrier provided by a Plastica winter pool cover prevents leaves and other debris from getting into the pool water over the winter, but does allow rainwater through. This helps to prevent your pool and its water from becoming muddied and stained, so that when the time finally arrives to use it again, it won’t be such a big job to get the pool ready. 

Take your pick from a wealth of options today 

Browse the section of our store dedicated to winter pool covers, and you’ll see that we present you with various cover types and fixings. Those include both Superior and Deluxe covers, and both Standard and Flush fixings. 

Note that our Superior covers have straps at a spacing of 3ft to 4ft, and that for the Deluxe covers, this spacing is 5ft to 6ft; both types of cover are supplied with Standard fixings. 

We often have standard-sized winter pool covers already in stock, although depending on demand, they may need to be made. Our ever-popular made-to-measure winter covers, meanwhile, come in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, kidney, rectangle, and rectangle with Roman end. 

It’s important to be mindful that a winter pool cover is not the kind of item you will ideally want to order at the last minute, given the lead times potentially applicable from order to despatch. So, why not put your mind at rest by purchasing the next winter cover for your pool today, from an online store – like Pool Warehouse – you can genuinely trust? 

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