What should you be doing to take care of your pool during the autumn?

The autumn can be a tricky time for many things, and it’s no less challenging as far as the responsible maintenance of a home swimming pool is concerned. Yes, the sight of your garden strewn with red and gold leaves can be rather beautiful, but if you’re still using your pool during this season – or even if you aren’t – there are real, practical implications you need to think about. 

So, to help ensure you take care of your pool in the right ways during this time of sometimes unpredictable weather conditions, here are some proven steps and tips to consider. 

Skim your pool for leaves and debris 

We already mentioned the leaves, and it’s fair to say a lot of them can find their way into your pool at this time of year. Unfortunately, as pretty as they are, leaves and other debris can cause staining to the bottom and sides of your pool, to say nothing of the algae growth they can attract. 

It is therefore crucial to routinely skim your pool for leaves and debris as the autumn conditions intrude; our online store, for instance, offers this excellently priced leaf skimmer that fits all standard telescopic poles. 

Cover your pool when it isn’t in use 

Depending on how the weather is where you are, you might not have yet switched from using a solar cover to a winter cover on your pool. Regardless, the crucial point here is to make sure your pool is shielded from the elements when you aren’t using it. 

Swimming pool covers like those in our stock at Pool Warehouse aren’t just about stopping leaves or dirt from coming into contact with your pool water. They also help to prevent your pool water from evaporating, for example, and in the case of winter covers, keeping one on over the colder months should help make your pool almost ready to use the moment you lift it off again in the spring. 

Clean your pool filter 

Your pool filter might just be the biggest ‘unsung hero’ of your whole swimming pool set-up – particularly as the autumn wears on. Your pool’s filtration system may have had more to do lately, especially if you’ve been using the pool a lot, due to the combination of falling temperatures and the greater risk of debris. 

So, don’t forget to take the time to clean your pool filter at this time of year, to help ensure it continues delivering optimum performance. 

Keep monitoring your pool’s pH and chemical levels 

This is something you should be doing right through the year, of course. However, it is also crucial not to become complacent about managing this aspect of your pool water during the autumn. 

You might have heard that chemicals don’t need to be used so much in your pool water at this time of year, due to the lower air and water temperatures. But it’s still vital to routinely check the pH and chlorine levels in the pool, in order to restrain the potential growth of bacteria and algae. 

Remember that even if the water looks clear and sparkling, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do or check anything, as not everything can be monitored with the naked eye alone. The pH level, for example, should be kept between about 7.2 and 7.6; thankfully, our store offers no shortage of water testing and dosing equipment to assist you with this task. 

The maintenance of your swimming pool during the autumn can be slightly more complicated and challenging than might have been the case for you in the spring and summer. Nonetheless, it’s a far from impossible responsibility to keep on top of – so why not purchase some of the essentials you’ll require from our online store today? With swimming pool covers, chemicals, filters and more on sale through us today, we are committed to bringing you the best deals on the finest-quality items. 

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