Take advantage of our inflatable swimming pool stock ahead of 2022!

There are a lot of lessons that we probably ought to have all learned since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic about two years ago now. One of those is surely that if circumstances change and you decide you wouldn’t mind whiling away the hours with your family in an inflatable swimming pool in your garden, by the time it even appears to you to buy one, there’s a good chance they will have already sold out everywhere! 

Naturally, here at Pool Warehouse, we have a strong track record when it comes to maintaining a good stock of swimming pools in our online store. But we are also undeniably subject to the same global supply-and-demand constraints as every other business. 

What point are we trying to make here? Well, we’re gently pointing out that if you think there’s even a faint likelihood of you wanting to buy an inflatable swimming pool for the spring and summer of 2022 – even if there aren’t any further coronavirus lockdowns – it’s probably a very wise idea to make your purchase nice and early. 

So, what inflatable pools do we have in our stock right now? 

With our stock levels liable to vary at any given time, you will need to check the category of our site dedicated to inflatable pools, to get a sense of the currently available products. 

Nonetheless, we are presently renowned as a source of swimming pools from Intex and Bestway, which are two of the most trusted inflatable swimming pool brands active today. So, whether you are most drawn to such an option as the 12’ x 30” Intex Easy Set pool that offers the perfect size and depth for the majority of families, or perhaps the 10’ x 30” Bestway Fast Set Pool that is noted for its strong and durable build, it shouldn’t be too tricky to find the ideal pool for your household. 

Or perhaps it’s something like the 10’ Deluxe Family Pool that will most intrigue you, this extra-wide and stable pool being a great choice for casual paddling and splashing about? 

Another interesting possibility – if you’re thinking more along the lines of simply relaxing – is the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Airjet. It incorporates no fewer than 120 massage air jets and an actual water flow of 1325 litres per hour, or 350 gallons per hour. It is pump-inflated, big enough to accommodate four to six adults, and is even intuitive to operate via a digital control panel. 

All manner of inflatable pool essentials are available now – but be sure to act fast! 

With our store presently offering up not only the best in inflatable pools, but also such key associated items as loungers, repair patches, chemicals, and much more, you can have faith in us meeting your requirements for the spring of 2022. That will be the case whether you are looking to purchase an inflatable swimming pool for the first time, or already have one and are interested in ‘stocking up’ on certain essentials. 

Don’t just hope that the hotter and sunnier months of 2022 will be better for you and your family than the last few years have been – act now to help make it happen. We’re serious when we say our stocks of many products are very low, so you might never get a better chance to buy – and at the right price – than this winter.

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