Why is chlorine so important for your swimming pool?

Pool chlorine is essential for a healthy swimming pool, but why? After all, the very notion of even placing chemicals into water that we intend to swim in might seem an odd concept for some of us who have never owned or maintained a swimming pool in the past.

The reality is, though, that the risk of water contamination is one of the greatest things you should be looking to guard against in your swimming pool. In short, the cleaner your pool, the healthier you will be, and the more you will be able to enjoy the sweet chill of the pool water. 

This is exactly why pool chlorine is so crucial, which is something we will explore in more detail below.  

The issue of water purity

Water in a swimming pool can be contaminated in an intimidating number of ways. Contaminants are generally caused by the surrounding environment – an unfortunate fact, as we can’t escape Mother Nature. Windblown dust, debris, leaves, and even insects, can all compromise the integrity of the water in a swimming pool. Falling rain also brings tiny algae spores, and water from unsanitary places. 

However, humans are the worst contaminants of all. Our sweat, saliva, blood, and other undesirable fluids can quickly damage the water purity of a swimming pool. The importance of water purity cannot be underestimated: even a drop of bad water can leave us terribly sick.

A little bit about chlorine

It’s fair to say that the water in your swimming pool must be regularly treated, lest you fall seriously ill. Hygiene is vital, and this is where chlorine comes into play. 

Pool chlorine is used in a swimming pool as part of the ‘water chlorination’ process. This is simple: a chlorine solution is filtered into the water and immediately breaks down into numerous chemical compounds, such as hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions. These compounds sterilise the swimming pool for maximum hygiene.

However, remember that your swimming pool must be of a neutral pH (not too high or too low), otherwise the chlorine solution won’t be as effective. A pH of about 7.4 is the value we’d recommend. 

Finally, why chlorine is so important 

Chlorine is important, because of the very basic chemical reactions it can generate in the water. Basic doesn’t always mean boring or unimportant, that’s for sure. 

When pool chlorine takes the form of hypochlorous acid or hypochlorite ions, it attacks the lipids in the cell walls of bacteria and other pesky microorganisms that can haunt pool water. Significantly, chlorine also takes aim at the structures and enzymes inside bacterial cells, rendering them harmless. 

Microorganisms are the worst threat to the water purity of your pool, and pool chlorine does a magnificent job of wiping them out entirely. 

That’s something it’s crucial to bear in mind when you are looking to ensure the most responsible maintenance of your own home swimming pool. So, why not purchase some of the pool chlorine you require for your own use for a great price from Pool Warehouse today? 

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