Our solar cover rollers can help minimise hassle and keep your pool cover in great condition for longer

So, how has the recent spring weather been for you? Hopefully, you will have noticed a major pickup in the conditions near you lately – and indeed, begun to make serious use of your swimming pool this year. But it’s also true that you’ll need far more than just the pool itself, in order to get the best out of it – which brings us neatly to the subject of those crucial ‘extras’ and accessories.

Consider, for instance, your pool’s solar cover, and how you may presently be handling it. As crucial as your swimming pool cover will be – including for preventing debris from easily getting into the water of your pool when you aren’t swimming in it – it will be a cumbersome thing to handle if you don’t have a good reel system for it. 

That, in turn, could present a risk of the pool cover sustaining avoidable damage – which isn’t something you will want given how much money you are likely to have invested in the pool cover in the first place. 

Thankfully, we have a wealth of excellent pool cover rollers to choose from 

Whether you know them as solar cover rollers, or perhaps swimming pool reel systems, the basic principle behind them is the same: they provide an elegant means of taking the solar cover off your pool and putting it back on again. In the process, you can help maximise the lifespan of your pool solar cover, while ensuring it continues to look good and ‘do the job’. 

As one might expect from such a comprehensive superstore of swimming pool equipment, we give our customers many different attractive options as far as solar cover rollers are concerned. 

That includes being able to choose between pool reel systems from not one, but two leading manufacturers: Plastica and Vagner Pools. It also means being able to choose a reel system to suit a pool with a width of up to 20 feet, as well as to invest in a motorised cover roller if you wish. 

You might be on the lookout for a reel system that can be powered by your mains electricity, with a control box, transformer and motor included. Or you may favour a somewhat more affordable, but nonetheless still impressive reel system, such as Plastica’s Slide N Lock, which is available in both small and large sizes, and incorporates end stands manufactured using polished stainless steel, and easy fix straps to connect to the cover. 

The HELIOS Solar Pool Reel system, meanwhile, uses batteries that are recharged via built-in solar panels. It is a completely self-contained system, and again, there are multiple sizes to choose from.

For all your pool accessories, there’s no need to look anywhere else 

Our commitment is supplying the complete range of swimming pool essentials that you could need is absolute; from the solar covers themselves to the solar cover rollers and industry-leading chemicals, inflatables, and more, it’s all on offer from Pool Warehouse. 

With discounts of more than 33% on Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) available through our store, now’s the time to move for the pool cover reel system that is likely to serve you well right through the spring and summer. 

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