4 options you might not have considered for your next swimming pool cover

We are now heading quickly towards the summer, and you might think one thing is obvious at this time of year for swimming pool owners: it is time to start comparing your options for pool covers

Shouldn’t you already have a cover ready for your pool – at least a solar cover to help prevent debris from getting into the pool water when you aren’t swimming in it? 

Perhaps – but there are many different options for pool covers on the market, and some of them are particularly applicable at different times of year, or when you have slightly different requirements for your pool to what your neighbour might have. 

So, let’s take a look at some examples of what we mean. 

A made-to-measure solar cover 

Our status here at Pool Warehouse as the only UK manufacturer of solar pool covers that supplies direct to the end user, helps to make us an especially attractive source of such covers when you really do have the most demanding expectations in terms of shape and dimensions. 

Our made-to-measure service for solar covers, for instance, allows you to order a solar cover in any of a variety of less common and ‘awkward’ pool shapes, such as oval, kidney, and Roman end. 

A winter cover 

This isn’t the ‘wrong’ time of year to order a winter cover for your pool. Indeed, it could be the very best time, given the relative lack of demand for this product during the warmer and sunnier months. 

In any case, isn’t it just nice to plan ahead and be prepared for later in the year, at a time when a lot of other pool owners might be distracted with other matters? 

Here at Pool Warehouse, we offer both standard-sized and made-to-measure winter pool covers made from heavy-duty polypropylene mesh, with wear pads on the underside, and fixings also included. These covers are designed to allow rainwater to pass through them, while preventing debris from getting to the pool water. 

A pool enclosure 

Pool enclosures are ‘pool covers’ in a slightly different sense, in that they allow the owner of the given pool to effectively make it usable right through the year. That could be a particular boon here in the UK, where it might seem at times that we only have a very brief window of time in which to truly enjoy outdoor swimming. 

And as you might expect here at Pool Warehouse, we are committed to giving you options for pool enclosures, including low, standard, and made-to-measure enclosures. 

A heat retention cover 

If there is one thing that might have caused you particular anxiety as a pool owner in recent times, it is seemingly ever-escalating energy costs. And even before the current cost-of-living crisis, it is fair to say that the task of keeping a pool well-heated was also a very expensive one for many people. 

That might make a heat retention cover, such as the RaeGuard solution, a very attractive one for you. This product can help reduce the amount of heat lost from the surface of your pool by as much as 57%, in addition to almost eliminating evaporation. Oh, and it incorporates GeoBubble technology, too. 

There you go – four solutions, available from Pool Warehouse, that help to demonstrate the sheer versatility and usefulness of pool covers for a broad range of circumstances and needs. We really are committed to ensuring that whatever you need or want from a pool cover, you won’t need to look anywhere else for a great-priced, high-specification and long-lasting product. 

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