How can you remove stains from your swimming pool – and stop them coming back? 

It’s one of the aspects of owning and maintaining a swimming pool that you will least welcome; those moments when you walk up to your pool in readiness for a satisfying swim, only to notice unsightly staining. 

There are a few obvious questions that arise as far as swimming pool staining is concerned, including how to prevent them from occurring in the first place, as well as how to remove those that have already arisen. 

So, let’s dip into this subject – with a first focus on how to determine the precise type of stain you’re dealing with when you see one. 

Yes, there are different types of swimming pool stains to be aware of 

Broadly speaking, stains on a swimming pool tend to fall into the two categories of metal-based stains and organic stains. 

An organic stain is, as the term suggests, caused by some kind of organic matter; the typical process is that the likes of algae, leaves, twigs, berries and perhaps even remains of dead animals such as worms and frogs, find their way into pool water, settle at the bottom, and decay. This then leads to staining. 

Organic stains tend to be green or brown if they are caused by mud, leaves or twigs, while if the stain is red or blue, it may be berries or seeds that are the source of the staining. The simple advice for preventing such staining is to remove debris from your pool water as soon as you see it, before it has the chance to develop into a stain. 

So, what about metal staining? Well, this is the type of staining that typically occurs due to chemical imbalance in the pool water, which can cause the corrosion of metal swimming pool equipment. 

If the staining you have seen in your swimming pool is dark reddish-brown or rusty-looking, there’s probably a good chance it has been caused by metal. Iron can also cause rusty stains in a swimming pool, while if the stain is blue, green, or black, it might be copper that is to blame. 

So, what solutions do we offer for tackling – and preventing – swimming pool stains? 

As you might expect given our status as one of the premier online superstores for swimming pool chemicals and related essentials, here at Pool Warehouse, we have just the things in stock for those who wish to remove and prevent pool staining with the minimum of fuss

The broad process for both treating and preventing stains in a swimming pool is as follows: dechlorinating the pool water, before lifting the stain with a product like Multi Stain Remover, and finally, preventing reoccurrence of the stain with a product such as No More Metal.  

With regard to those products, Lo-Chlor’s Multi Stain Remover is no less than the complete all-purpose solution for the removal of swimming pool stains. The same brand also makes available No More Metal, which is a metal sequestriant with a great track record of preventing stains from coming back. 

You can learn more about these products on their respective pages on our website, and you will be pleased to know that we frequently offer them at a discount compared to what you might find them being sold for elsewhere.   

Why not browse our extensive range of swimming pool chemicals today, to find out more about the various solutions we can offer you at the most competitive prices? With products in stock right now for delivery, we can help ensure you have the right products in your hands potentially as soon as the very next day

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