How a solar pool cover works and why you should get one

As a rule, a swimming pool uses a lot of energy and can add a significant amount to your utility bills. One of the biggest ways that water is lost from your pool is through evaporation, so if you heat your pool water and don’t use a pool cover, you lose heat and water. 

Covering your pool when it’s not being used can save you up to 50% on heating bills alone. Keep reading for more tips on how solar pool covers work and why you should get one.

How solar pool covers work

Solar pool covers work by trapping the sun’s heat and keeping it in the pool, resulting in a pool that stays warm for longer. Other than keeping the pool heated during the day, a solar pool cover will also help the pool to retain heat by protecting the water from cool winds and air during the night. 

On average, a fully covered pool can gain anywhere between 10 and 15 degrees on a hot day within approximately six hours.

Why else should you get a solar pool cover?

Pool water can easily lose heat due to evaporation, and evaporation is also one of the ways in which pools lose a large amount of chemicals that then need to be replaced. By trapping heat, a solar cover can reduce evaporation by 95% and save up to 50% on chemical usage.

Solar pool covers also act as a barrier that stops debris from entering the swimming pool, saving you time on maintenance. This helps lighten the load of your filter system too, by reducing the number of times you need to clean off the cartridge filter and perform other maintenance tasks. 

Finally, don’t forget the need for a solar cover reel! You can purchase solar cover reels that attach to both sides of the pool and that can be unrolled to put the cover into the pool or rolled back up when someone wants to swim, making the storage of these heavy covers easy. 

Now that you understand the importance of a solar pool cover, why not browse our range of swimming pool equipment and accessories today to find the perfect solutions for your own pool?  

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