5 swimming pool chemicals you never knew you needed

Having your own swimming pool is certainly convenient, providing you with a space to both relax and exercise. However, it is important that a swimming pool is carefully maintained, a routine necessitating the use of just the right chemicals.  

So, what exactly are the ‘right’ chemicals? The answer can depend on your specific needs – but, as leading and trusted suppliers of swimming pool chemicals, we are well-informed about this subject and would particularly recommend the following solutions…


This is the chemical most commonly used as swimming pool sanitiser; that is, a product for use in cleaning and disinfecting your pool. 

Sanitiser needs to be maintained at a certain concentration in your pool water, lest bacteria and germs potentially accumulate in it and risk the health of people who take a dip in that H2O. 


This alternative to chlorine differs from it in a few significant ways. For example, bromine outclasses chlorine in stability, especially when used in warm water, and does not deplete as quickly.

Still, it is vital to emphasise that chlorine and bromine cannot be used together. So, if you want to swap your pool’s chlorine sanitiser for bromine, this pool and its equipment must be entirely drained and flushed before you make the switch. 


Algicide is otherwise known as algaecide, as it serves the purpose of helping to prevent algae growth. However, if algae have already formed in your pool, you should keep in mind that algicide is not primarily intended to assist in eliminating algae. 

If you want to banish existing algae in your pool, you will need to clear the pool by using a shock chlorine. 


Swimming pool water can become cloudy as a result of small particles and contaminants accumulating. Unfortunately, though, it’s exactly because of their small size that your pool’s filter could struggle to catch them – hence the need for pool clarifier. 

This product works by clumping the particles into larger pieces, making it easier for your filter to get rid of them and consequently restore the water’s clarity. 

Stain remover

A swimming pool stain remover is largely self-explanatory. Nonetheless, this product can also be used for treating scaling and coloured water. Any of these three issues can arise due to minerals and metals in the pool water. 

Fortunately, as a major online store for swimming pool chemicals, we are able to provide you with not only Multi Stain Remover for lifting stains from pool surfaces, but also No More Metal for preventing stains from reappearing on them. 

In fact, we are happy to report that we stock every single type of swimming chemical mentioned in this article. If you have any remaining questions on the subject, please don’t be afraid to contact our team of swimming pool chemical suppliers here at Pool Warehouse.  

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