How to save energy as a swimming pool owner in the UK

Yes, we realise it’s a subject you’ll probably hate hearing about at this point, but it’s also one that we can’t possibly not address: that of energy expenditure and how you can best reduce it. 

On the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine, great numbers of UK residents have seen frankly terrifying rises in their energy bills. Measures have been put in place by the Government to help reduce these, including an Energy Price Guarantee, which is set to keep customers’ energy bills lower than they would have otherwise been, until the end of March 2023. 

Exactly what happens beyond then, we don’t yet know; the Government has said that more targeted measures will be considered to keep on supporting households with their energy bills into April and beyond. 

So, given that many of us have been afforded some ‘thinking time’ by measures like the above, as well as the fact that you might not be using your swimming pool at the moment as you wait for the warmer seasons to return, it is probably a good time to ask yourself: what can you do to help lower the energy costs associated with your pool in the longer term? 

Below, we have set out some of the measures that you should consider. Indeed, you should probably be following these tips anyway for reasons of environmental friendliness, even if you could afford to keep on paying escalating energy bills. 

Invest in a great-quality solar cover for your pool 

There are good reasons why we place such a strong emphasis on swimming pool solar covers in our own online store here at Pool Warehouse, including by offering so many attractive standard and bespoke options alike; they are simply brilliant for retaining heat in a pool, thereby reducing how much a customer needs to spend on keeping their pool heated. 

Well, fair enough, there are great reasons to buy a new solar cover even beyond the above, such as the role that they play in preventing debris from entering the pool water. 

All in all, though, if you want to save energy with the use of your pool, you will definitely want to have an excellent solar cover for it. Our solar covers using GeoBubble technology could meet your requirements nicely, their use of GeoBubble air cells providing effective insulation so that you can count on your pool water staying warmer for longer. 

Make sure you have an energy-efficient swimming-pool heat pump 

The basic principle of how a swimming pool heat pump works is that it takes the latent heat from the air outdoors, and uses technology to transfer it to the water of the given pool. 

So, this autumn could be an excellent time for you to check out our range of swimming pool heat pumps, such as those in the Comfortline range. These pumps use extremely energy-efficient technology, and can be counted on to heat your pool to a certain desired temperature, in addition to keeping it at that temperature for the duration of your swimming pool season. 

Consider the various less technical ways to lessen your pool’s energy use 

You might imagine that the task of minimising how much energy is needed to make your pool usable will come down to using various sophisticated (and expensive!) technical measures. But that isn’t the start and end of it; indeed, a lot of the process might simply necessitate you being alert and observant to the slightly more ‘rudimentary’ changes you can make. 

A big part of reducing the energy expenditure incurred by swimming pool ownership is about ensuring you don’t need to use so much energy in the first place. 

So, if your pool can be easily moved around, you might make sure yours is located in the sunniest part of your garden or yard, so that you can make the most of the available solar energy. Or if wind serves to cool down your pool water to a much greater degree that you would wish, you might introduce a windbreak nearby, such as a solidly built fence. 

The above doesn’t cover everything that you might be able to do to reduce how much you will be forced to pay for your swimming-pool energy use, but we hope it will provide some inspiration with which to get started. And don’t forget that when it comes to all manner of high-quality and great-value pool supplies in the UK, Pool Warehouse is likely to be the only online store you ever require.

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