Should you buy a wooden swimming pool, steel-frame pool, or inflatable pool?

Many of us down the years have dreamed of owning our own swimming pool. You might have seen paparazzi shots of your favourite celebrities using theirs at their homes, and of course, here at Pool Warehouse, we can’t guarantee you all the trappings of celebrity. 

What we can offer you, though, is a selection of high-quality and well-priced swimming pools that might well help you make your dream of pool ownership a reality. 

But with our swimming pools able to be loosely divided into the categories of wooden, inflatable, and steel-frame pools, it’s worth asking yourself which type would represent the best match to your requirements. 

So, below, we have detailed some of the factors that will guide you in deciding whether to invest in a wooden, steel-frame, or inflatable swimming pool

What is your budget for a swimming pool? 

Even when there isn’t a cost-of-living crisis going on, it’s fair to say that for almost anyone contemplating buying a swimming pool, the amount of money available for them to spend will be a key factor informing their choice. 

And when it comes to swimming pools, it tends to be the inflatable and steel-frame varieties that suit those on a tighter budget – think of up to a few hundred pounds. If, on the other hand, you have about ten thousand pounds upwards to spend on the pool alone, you are likely to be looking at wooden above-ground pools like the premium Plastica pools we make available on our site

Are you looking for an above-ground or in-ground pool? 

You might already have your own thoughts and preferences on the above-ground vs in-ground question, but if you don’t, it’s worth bearing in mind their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

Above-ground pools are associated with the more ‘budget’ end of the market, but they are also noted for their versatility; they frequently come in the form of a kit, with the owner able to assemble and dismantle them as and when needed. 

In-ground pools, meanwhile, are more akin to the kind of expensive and premium-looking pools you might have seen those aforementioned celebrities taking a dip in at their Hollywood villas (other desirable neighbourhoods are available). They generally look amazing and can be extremely feature-packed and durable, although as you can imagine, you will certainly pay the price for all of that. 

Our extensive swimming pool range gives you options when it comes to placing your pool in-ground or above ground. A steel-frame or inflatable swimming pool can be an excellent choice if you are seeking an affordable above-ground pool. 

Meanwhile, our Plastica wooden pools can be installed above ground, partly submerged, or fully submerged, in line with your preferences – even if you go for the most affordable option in the range, the 2.4m x 3.9m Exercise Pool

How much time and resource will you have to maintain your pool? 

This is a crucial factor; owning a swimming pool is about a lot more than the “fun” stuff like taking a private dip or enjoying a pool party with your friends. That’s because the finer aspects of swimming pool maintenance can be a headache if you aren’t knowledgeable about and prepared for them. 

If you really do want something that you can just quickly and easily set up, and which will require very little upkeep, an inflatable swimming pool is probably the type to go for. Steel-frame pools, too, tend to be relatively un-stressful to maintain, while the more expensive wooden pools are likely to require somewhat more ongoing attention. 

Having said that, all of our Plastica wooden pools come with a maintenance kit and even a solar cover and a winter debris cover included in the price. This will help ensure you know the key details of how to look after your pool, before you even put a (literal) ‘toe in the water’ for the first time. 

The above advice doesn’t cover every single aspect that you will need to think about when deciding between the many types of swimming pool out there – but hopefully, we will have helped make you feel more inspired and informed. 

Please note that here at Pool Warehouse, some of our stocks of available swimming pools will be low. So, if you are confident that you have found the pool in our range that makes the most sense for you and your household, we would urge you to buy now to ensure you don’t miss out for this spring and summer.  

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