Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot Tub Energise Sachets

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Hot Tub No-Foam 1ltr

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Hot Tub Clarifier 1ltr

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Hot Tub Hardness Plus 1kg

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instatest 5 test strips

InstaTest 5

Was: £21.00 Sale:
Pack of 50 test strips to instantly test for: Chlorine...
aquacheck test strips


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1ltr bottle of swimming pool algicide

Algicide 1lt

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pool water test strips

Test Strips

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Hot Tub pH Minus 750g

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Hot Tub pH Plus 1kg

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Hot Tub Chlorine Shock Granules 1kg

Was: £17.00 Sale:
Spa Shock Chlorine 1kg, for Shock Dosing small pools and...

Hot Tub Chlorine Mini Tablets (20gm) 1kg

Was: £20.00 Sale:
Chlorine Tablets 1kg, 50 x 20 gms

Hot Tub Chlorine Granules 1kg

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Chlorine Granules 1kg

Hot Tub Bromine Tablets 1kg

Was: £34.00 Sale:
Bromine Tablets 20gm, for use in swimming pools and Hot...