Swimming Pool Chlorine

Swimming Pool Chlorine

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Pool Sanitizers are essential to keep your pool water clear, clean, and safe to use.

Swimming Pool Chlorine is available in both granular and tablet forms. 

Orders are usually despatched within 24 hours on a next working day delivery.

Chlorine Granules 5kg

Was: £69.50 Sale:

Chlorine Shock 5kg

Was: £98.40 Sale:

Chlorine Tablets 5kg

Was: £83.40 Sale:

Chlorine Granules 4x5kg

Was: £278.00 Sale:

Chlorine Tablets 4x5kg

Was: £333.60 Sale:

Chlorine Shock 4x5kg

Was: £413.20 Sale:
starter pack of chemicals for small pools

Chemical Starter Pack

Was: £55.00 Sale:

Winter Chemical Doser 2kg

Was: £40.00 Sale:

Bromine Tablets 5kg

Was: £126.00 Sale:
Chlorine Mini Tablets

Chlorine Mini Tablets 5kg

Was: £83.50 Sale:
1kg floating winter chemical doser for pools

Winter Chemical Doser 1kg

Was: £22.00 Sale:

Chlorine Reducer 1kg

Was: £21.00 Sale:

Bromine Tablets 4x5kg

Was: £504.00 Sale:

Hot Tub Bromine Tablets 1kg

Was: £34.00 Sale:
Chlorine Mini Tablets

Chlorine Mini Tablets 4x5kg

Was: £334.00 Sale:
holiday pill for swimming pools

Holiday Pill

Was: £22.00 Sale: