Swimming Pool Covers

Solar Covers, Winter Pool Covers, Slatted Covers, Pool Enclosures...

  •  POOLWAREHOUSE are the UK'S leading Swimming Pool Cover supplier.
  • We manufacture Solar Covers in our own welding factory, offering superb fast service and very low prices.
  • We also supply top quality, UK manufactured Winter Debris Covers, from market leading Plastica.
Save over 50% off RRP
Fast service, usual Solar Cover despatch 6 working days
Made to Measure, order any size on-line
Highest Quality, durable UK manufactured material


High Quality Solar Covers manufactured in our factory using market leading UK material, including the innovative GeoBubble.

  • Fast Service
  • Low Prices
  • Made to Measure
  • Wide range of Materials
  • Wide range of Accessories



We supply UK manufactured Winter Covers from market leader Plastica

  • Winter Pool Protection
  • Easier Spring Opening
  • Highest Quality
  • Lowest Prices



Swimming Pool Covers Manufacturer

We are the only manufacturer in the UK who sells direct to the end user.
Our in house production facility allows us to offer great service and prices that cannot be beaten by other "middleman" suppliers.
Most of all,our expertise and experience makes us the foremost supplier in the UK.

Swimming Pool Covers usage

First of all, a swimming pool cover will help to maximize the use and enjoyment of your pool.
From protection during the Winter to raising temperature in the Summer, swimming pool covers are an essential piece of equipment.

Pool Cover types

We offer swimming pool covers in 3 types:
Solar covers, which help to increase pool water temperature and reduce heat loss by evaporation.
We supply Solar Covers in a wide variety of fabrics. Our range is designed to suit all budgets, and in almost any shape and size.

Winter debris covers are swimming pool covers designed to keep your pool clean during the Winter. After thorough Autumn cleaning and finally chemical dosing, the mesh prevents leaves and other debris from entering the pool. When you remove this swimming pool cover in the Spring your pool should be almost ready to use.

Pool enclosures are rigid swimming pool covers that create an "indoor" pool, protected from the weather and as a result allowing year round use.

Pool Cover Warranties

Furthermore, all of our swimming pool covers are covered by a manufacturers pro rata Warranty. This ranges from 10 years for a Winter Debris Cover to up to 6 years for the highest grade Solar swimming pool cover.
Full details also can be found here