Solar Pool Heating

    • Transfer free heat from the sun directly into your circulating swimming pool water
    • Free energy
    • Increase length of the swimming season
    • Solar Pods work by collecting the energy from the sun and then using it to heat your pool water for free!
    • Solar Pods are constructed to trap heat energy in the dome that then allows the heat to be transferred to the pool water via the heat exchanger.
    • A minimum of one solar pod is needed for each 4500 litres of water.
    • More solar pods can be linked for bigger pools.
    • The greater the number of solar pods, the greater the potential heat gain.
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Cuts energy costs

Save up to 20% off RRP

Options for all pool sizes

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Please note: The heating efficiency of Solar Pods is directly related to climactic conditions. We cannot guarantee that solar heating will maintain a constant pool temperature, and we recommend installation of a secondary heat source.

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