Ball Valve

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Double Union Ball Valve 1.5″

  • Top quality valves with easy to move handles – long lasting
  • Used as a control to shut off the flow of water by simply turning the handle.
  • Required in all pool plant rooms to stop the flow to various equipment, heaters, chemical dosing equipment etc.
  • Allows maintenance work tobe carried out easily without water leaking.
  • Working pressure 10 bar.


Installation –

This fitting comes with  a double ended plain female fitting with unions – this means you can glue/solvent pipe straight into the fitting but you also have the ability to disconnect and dismantle all parts due to the double ended unions.

  •  1.5″pipework
  • A “FLOW” direction indicator on the handle/main body to indicate the direction of flow
  • When the handle is in direction of the main body the valve is open

Pipe/fitting information

1.5″ pipework is approximately

  • Internal diameter: 42mm
  • External diameter: 48mm

1.5″ fittings are approximately

  • Internal diameter: 48mm
  • External diameter: 59mm


Important Note:

All joints should be made using a solvent weld adhesive

Ball Valve
Original price was: £34.00.Current price is: £28.00.