Certikin Main Drain (concrete)

Certikin Main Drain (concrete) HD33C for concrete pools



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Certikin Main Drain (Concrete) HD33C for concrete pools

  • Featuring Certikin’s unique grille design  the HD33 drain is used to draw the base water for filtering and is also used as the principal method of emptying the pool.
  • Comes complete with self-tapping fixings screws for added safety.
  • Manufactured in white ABS.
  •  High Flow- Low Velocity grille supplied as standard
  •  Provides up to 50% more free flow area than other models- Anti-vortex design
  •  Protective film prevents damage during installation
  •  Stainless steel grille available (CK33S)
  •  Square frame and grille range available for commercial installationsImportant – On commercial or shallow pool applications stainless steel main drain grilles must be used.Recommendation – Main drains must be arranged so that there is no risk of bathers being drawn towards them or trapped there. It is recommended that on all installations, including domestic, a minimum of 2 main drains are installed 2 metres apart.


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Certikin Main Drain (concrete)
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