Certikin Vacuum Point (conc)

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Certikin Vacuum Point (concrete) for concrete pools.

For use in a concrete swimming pool and will take a standard vac hose.

Allows you to clean the pool without using the skimmer.


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Certikin HD20 Concrete Vacuum point

  • For use where an automatic pool cleaner or vacuum hose is to be used
  • The vacuum point can be plumbed in for use either as a suction point or return fitting (depending on type of cleaner to be used).
  • All types of vacuum fittings are supplied with a removable plug.






Installation Manual

Click on the link here to open the pdf file:   Certikin Vacuum Point PDF

Certikin Vacuum Point (conc)
Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £15.00.