Chlorine Shock 5kg

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  • Chlorine shock granules for the treatment of pool water when the chlorine level needs a quick boost, ie after heavy bather load or at start/end of season.



  • Chlorine Shock granules for treatment of swimming pool water after a heavy bathing load, or to quickly combat low chlorine levels.
  • Should be used to boost the chlorine level in the pool water at both ends of the season.
  • Helps to quickly clear a clouding pool.
  • For effective shock treatment, particularly if Algae is present, raise the chlorine level up to between 8-10 ppm.
  • Ensure chlorine levels drop to below 3ppm before swimming or covering the pool.
  • Unstabilised calcium hypochlorite


Maintenance dosing: 650g per 10,000 gallons (if algae present, double dose)

Safety Data Sheet

Click on the link to download the PDF:SHOCK CHLORINE pqs


1 review for Chlorine Shock 5kg

  1. 5 out of 5

    steve blundell

    sorted out my green pool!

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Chlorine Shock 5kg