Immerstar Pool Alarm

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  • Pool alarm
  • keeps children and pets safe
  • French safety law compliant

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  • Fastens to pool edge
  •  Pressure sensor system
  •  Not set off by wind
  •  LED status indicators
  •  Operates with a magnet contact key
  •  100db integrated siren
  •  Weighs 2.8kg
  •  Automatically switches from swim to alert mode
  •  Manufactured in Europe
  •  Detection in the swimming pool is optimum within a radius of 7m around the sensor. Beyond this range, the swimming pool
    should be equipped with one or more additional immersion detectors.
  • Please note that this product does not replace normal adult supervision of children and pets


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Immerstar Pool Alarm
Original price was: £545.00.Current price is: £495.00.