Multi Function Mini Chlorine Tablets 4x5kg

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  • Multi Function Chlorine Tablets in a 5kg pack of 20gm tablets.
  • Each easy to handle tablet contains chlorine, algicide and flocculant.



Easy to handle Multi Function Chlorine Tablets ( 20g tablets)  containing:

  • chlorine
  • algicide
  • flocculant
  • stabiliser

Can be used in the skimmer basket, floating dispenser or automatic feeders.
Multi Function Chlorine Tablets help to minimise the need for individual treatments and help keep your pool sparkling clear.
The tablets release a slow dose of chlorine over a period of time.
Test regularly to ensure the free chlorine level is between 1.5-3.0 ppm


Maintenance dosage: 2 tablets per 11,000 gallons weekly.

Safety Data Sheet

Click on the link to open the pdf file: Multi Function Chlorine Tablets PDF


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Multi Function Mini Chlorine Tablets 4x5kg