NANO Plug and Play Pool Heater

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The Nano electric pool heater has an output of 3kw       LIMITED STOCK


  • Titanium heating element
  • Ideal for above ground pools
  • Thermal safety cut-out (manual reset)
  • 2m power cord
  • 230v, 13A load, single phase
  • Flow Switch – no pump interlock required
  • Fully pre-wired, easy installation
  • Plug and play
  • Complete with a range of water connections including
  • 50mm plain female socket unions
  • 1.5″ plain female socket unions
  • 1.5″ / 1.25″ hosetail connectors


Specifically designed to ensure maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, the Elecro Nano Splasher pool heater is user-friendly and offers ‘plug & play’ installation. The thermostat dial gives you control over the desired pool temperature, while the thermal safety cut-out avoids over-heating.
Robust and reliable, this heater is made to last, affording you the perfect pool temperature with easy to use controls.
All Elecro electric heaters feature their unique and proven coiled heating element technology whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build up of mineral deposits on the heating element.
The heater can be vertically wall-mounted or stand on the floor with the control components on the top face casing. Screw fit adapters are supplied to allow connection to standard above ground pool flexible pipe work, while the water inlet and outlet fittings can be connected to either metric or imperial standard pipes.
Safety and equipment protection is provided by a flow switch that operates from as low as 1000 litres per hour. Over-heating protection is provided by a thermal cut-out with manual reset.

Downloads Available

Click Here to Download the NANO Brochure


Installation is straight forward as the unit comes with a 13 amp plug which can be plugged directly into the mains socket. It comes with the water connections needed.


The Nano electric heater comes with a 2-year warranty :-

NANO Plug and Play Pool Heater