Winter Chemical Doser 2kg

  • A floating doser, dispensing Winterizing Chemicals to swimming pool water during the winter closedown.
  • Contains chlorine, algicide and flocculant.


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These handy containers of pool water Winterizing Chemicals hold 2kg of chlorine tablets, clarifier and algicide.
They float in the pool during the winter to help keep the water clean and clear by slow dosing the swimming pool water.

  • At the end of the summer season, clean the pool thoroughly, adjust the pH, add a winter algicide and shock dose with chorine shock.
  • Then float the Winterizing Chemicals dispenser( under the winter cover if used) in the pool. One doser will treat up to 12,000 gallons for approximately 7-8 weeks.
  • The doser should be tethered by some string or equivalent to a spring on the winter cover to make it easy to retrieve and replace as required.
  • The raised buttons on the side of the canister are sliced off in conjunction with the size of the pool, allowing the rate of dosing to be controlled.
  • Use one 2kg Floating Winterising Doser per 12,000 gallons.




Maintenance dosage: 2kg treats up to 12,000 gallons for 7-8 weeks

Safety Data Sheet

Click on the link to download the PDF: Winter Doser PDF


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Winter Chemical Doser 2kg
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