Solar Cover Information

Please Find below information to consider when ordering a solar pool cover

• Solar covers are delivered in an outer bag. Please check this bag carefully on delivery and if any damage is found please do not accept the delivery without checking the cover inside. Please do not let the driver tell you it is ok to accept if damaged.

• We supply a white solar protection sheet with most covers. ( excludes small above ground covers ). This needs to be used to cover the solar blanket when it is rolled up on the reel to protect it from sun damage.

• It is possible for covers to shrink slightly over time and this can be up to 3%. Please consider this when ordering. We supply a cover oversized in length unless it has a fitted tail and leading edge tow kit.

• We recommend that covers have a leading edge attached in order to help pull the cover across the pool and preserve its life. These leading edge kits use ropes to spread the load across the cover preventing them getting damaged.

• Covers can be ordered in either feet and inches or in metres and centimetres.

• Always leave the cover off the pool after dosing with chemicals until the water has had time to circulate. This prevents concentrated levels being in contact with the cover and reducing its life. This would also affect the warranty of the cover.

• There may be some waving on the cover where the seams are welded and is unavoidable.

• Cover warranties will also affected if the pool is run at a consistently high temperature above 29 degrees C

• Ensure the roller used is the correct size for the cover.

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