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We supply a number of different covers all of which are made to order at our own factory and delivered direct to the customer.
All covers offer a reduction in evaporation and an increase in heat retention which leads to lower heating and chemical costs. They also provide some protection from debris. However, some covers are more suited to certain types of pools as shown below.

  • Platinum+ GeoBubble Cover
    This is our own exclusive cover, with additional UV and chemical protection and is 500 microns thick. We believe this to be the best all round cover for both solar gain and heat retention due to the silvered backing. Offering a pro rata warranty of 6 years (details of warranties can be found here). Good for both Outdoor and Indoor pools.
  • Sol+ Guard GeoBubble Cover
    A 500 micron cover. It is a translucent cover which allows UV rays to pass through the cover gaining heat into the water. The translucent cover can however promote algae if you do have an algae problem. This cover is ideal for unheated and above ground garden pools. 6 year pro rata warranty
  • Energyguard selective GeoBubble Cover
    This cover blocks out light whilst still allowing some UV rays to penetrate the cover. Good for heated pools and can be used as a winter cover as well. Can also be used for indoor pools. Good for pools with algae issues. 6 year pro rata warranty
  • Silver/Blue 400 GeoBubble Cover
    A good quality 400 micron cover with a reflective backing allowing both solar gain and heat retention. A good budget cover. Comes with 3 yr pro rata warranty
  • Blue 400 GeoBubble Cover
    This is the basic cover in our range used usually on smaller above ground pools or where a roller is not possible as it is lighter to manoeuvre. Still provides protection against debris and evaporation loss and some solar gain

silverBLUE 400 covers have been designed especially for Above Ground Pools, and are available ex-stock. Orders are despatched same or next working day on an overnight service. (no weekend deliveries). SELECTED SIZES ONLY AVAILABLE.

  • Tough 400micron but light enough to handle on and off the pool.
  • Heat absorbing topside
  • Heat reflecting underside
  • 4 year pro rata warranty

Our Bespoke (or made to measure) range of Solar Covers are designed to fit any shaped pool with the exception of random or kidney pools. Experience has taught us that these need to be shaped whilst on the pool.

Generally,these covers are despatched within 6 working days, but this can vary according to the time of year and the season. If your requirement is urgent then please check with us on

All of our Bespoke Solar Covers are available in all of our materials:

  • Platinum 500 GeoBubble
  • SolGuard 500 GeoBubble
  • EnergyGuard 500 GeoBubble
  • Silverblue 400 (standard bubble)
  • Blue 400 (standard bubble)
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